Infrastructure Management

A dependable infrastructure is essential for the smooth running of your business. Consortium works with you to ensure you have a secure and stable IT infrastructure. We take the trouble of monitoring and maintenance out of your hands, and ensure your environment never lets you down.

Azure System Center

Systems Center is a range of systems management products which help protect your data, build safe hybrid environments and manage your operations.

Managed Cloud

Whether you have opted for a hybrid, public or private cloud approach, our managed cloud services help ensure you are getting full usage from your cloud investments.

SQL Server optimisation

SQL Server is one of the most powerful data management tools out there. However, it is only intended for certain types of data and large, unstructured files cause it to slow down. We help optimise your SharePoint farms and find alternative ways of storing data.

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Enterprise IT as a utility – from Capex to Opex

In many aspects of our lives, we are advised to make the large investment rather than purchase piecemeal. You’ve likely heard the conversation in your local pub about how renting is a racket and to do so would be the equivalent of ‘throwing your money down the drain’....

A new vision for IT – from imposition to partnership

Even just ten years ago, the fundamental purpose of the CIO was mainly concerned with IT infrastructure. Choosing which mainframe to implement, hiring the IT technicians with the skills to manage it and explaining the need for new tools to the board. How rapidly things change!