Project and Portfolio Management

Too often, PPM tools are separate from the rest of your enterprise solutions. Consortium helps you bring your projects to where they should be – at the heart of your organisation. We create a central hub where you can access Microsoft’s Project platforms and make them work seamlessly with your other tools.

Project online

Project online brings you a lightweight yet powerful PPM tool from Microsoft. It allows your employees to access schedules, resources and project plans wherever they are and on any device – ensuring your projects are able to progress freely.

Project Server

Microsoft Project can do the ‘heavy lifting’ required to manage portfolios from across the spectrum; from the very simple to the most complex. It provides templates, resource management tools and a high degree of customisability so you can design projects just as you need.

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Enterprise IT as a utility – from Capex to Opex

In many aspects of our lives, we are advised to make the large investment rather than purchase piecemeal. You’ve likely heard the conversation in your local pub about how renting is a racket and to do so would be the equivalent of ‘throwing your money down the drain’....

A new vision for IT – from imposition to partnership

Even just ten years ago, the fundamental purpose of the CIO was mainly concerned with IT infrastructure. Choosing which mainframe to implement, hiring the IT technicians with the skills to manage it and explaining the need for new tools to the board. How rapidly things change!