To provide the best experience for customers and a great place for employees to work, your business needs a unified IT strategy. Consortium helps you create just this. Our experts are able to help you build a unified IT environment and offer you the full range of enterprise productivity tools. This means you have greater control, are better prepared for the future and can adapt faster.


Our experts help you build a highly secure platform, with encryption and multiple levels of validation built in. From mobile workers using any device to distance workers accessing IT and data via the cloud and external contractors using your systems, Consortium builds platforms that will ensure your most important information is made safe and that it stays safe too. Learn more about how we keep you and your data secure.

Digital workspace

Too often, enterprise IT is a chaotic mix of tools and platforms used in silos. Consortium helps you create a unified digital workspace, where everyone is on the same page, where people can communicate and collaborate easily and where productivity is as easy online as in the offline world. Learn more about how we create a digital workspace that becomes the centre of your day.

Unified communications

With poor communications comes misunderstanding and silos. Consortium brings expertise in the latest enterprise communications platforms to your organisation to ensure your conversations carry on unhindered. We build a central hub where all your communications tools – from video conferencing to instant messaging, social chats and watercooler conversations happen seamlessly. Learn more about how we help boost dialogue in your organisation.

Infrastructure management

Your IT infrastructure is the skeleton that holds your productivity together – if it collapses, the rest of the business suffers. Our cloud and on-premises infrastructure management ensures that your systems and structures are solid, dependable and secure. Consortium ensures your infrastructure is stable and future proofed. Learn more about how we help manage your infrastructure.

Analytics and data

Today’s organisations collect more data than ever before, yet without the tools to analyse it and act, that data remains redundant. Consortium provides the tools, the expertise and the guidance you need to get the most out of your data. From processing huge datasets to drawing insights from social media, our tools can help your teams make the best decisions for the business. Learn more about how we help you reap the rewards of big data and analytics.

Project and portfolio management

Far too many businesses depend on inflexible and outdated PPM tools. Even when they have the latest software, it is held in a silo, separate from the rest of their communications and collaboration platforms. Consortium helps you overcome this challenge by bringing PPM directly into your central hub of tools and apps. Learn more about how we integrate your projects into the heart of your organisation.

Enterprise mobility

Today’s employees are more connected than ever in their personal lives, and expect the same at work. Consortium gives you the tools to make that happen. We deliver an IT environment which enables people to connect to work platforms from wherever they are. This is about more than checking emails on the train, but about full mobile productivity, access to all tools and real productivity. Learn more about how we help your company embrace mobile working.